Many property owners need and want legal representation when they are considering appealing their property taxes. For many property owners, the challenge with property tax appeals is that they simply do not have the time to do the job right.

First, they need to complete all of the appeal paper work at their township Assessor’s office and then again (if necessary) at the Board of Review.  Then they need to file their appeal during the assigned deadline for their township.   If they miss the deadline then they have missed their opportunity to appeal for that year.

Add to this, they have to do their own property research. Then they need to find the right evidence, build and then present a compelling case for a reduction in their property’s assessed value. For many property owners this process is just too much work.

Why choose a real estate tax attorney?  Real estate tax attorneys have the exclusive right to represent their client’s property tax appeal at all possible levels, including:  the Township Assessor, the Board of Review and the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.  At each step, they will decide how to move forward.

When you hire a competent real estate property tax attorney, they will file all of the necessary documents with the proper governmental agencies, during the assigned filing deadlines.  The law office will do the work on your property’s tax appeal and provide property research, which will ensure that the client has an effective argument in order to hopefully obtain a reduction in the property’s assessed value.

Finally, this area of law is complex and requires the knowledge, experience and skills of a licensed attorney who concentrates in this particular area of the law.